‘If your desired day and time is not shown, this session has already been filled’

Rules of Play

1. Bonkerz Fun Centre encourages boys and girls, mums and dads, nans and grandads and the rest of the family to have fun, play, run free and explore in a safe environment. But as you all know this fun does sometime inherent some risks. These include tripping, falling, bumping into fixed objects and also other children. Partyman World of Play has taken every reasonable step to control these risks through design, maintenance and carefully monitored risk assessments. However, it is impossible to eliminate such risks completely and parents/guardians must recognise and accept this risk.
2. It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to supervise and accompany children for the full duration of their time at Bonkerz Fun Centre with a recommended ratio of 1:5 adult to children.
3. Children are advised to wear suitable clothing i.e. trousers, long sleeved shirts and socks.
4. Bonkerz Fun Centre cannot be held responsible for accidents which occur as a result of using the facilities.
5. No smoking or chewing gum on the premises please.
6. Jewellery is worn at your own risk. If you are wearing glasses, particular care should be taken.
7. No food or drink is to be taken into any of the play structures.
8. Management reserve the right to refuse entry.
9. All height and age restrictions imposed by the management must be adhered to at all times.
10. Parents/guardians must ensure that children do not become overheated.
11. Children who are unwell should not use the equipment.
12. During really busy times, play sessions will be restricted to two hours.
13. No running around the outside of the play i.e. near cafe or toilets.
14. Only food and drink bought on the premises may be consumed in Bonkerz Fun Centre, with the exception of baby food and other products at the manager’s discretion.

Parent & Toddler Sessions

Our Parent & Toddler Sessions are available mid-week during TERM TIME between 10am-3pm, at a cost of £5.50 – which includes unlimited juice & a snack for the child, and a regular drink for the adult.




Adults & Under 12 mths Entry £1.50
£6.95 ages 3 and over
£4.95 under 3’s

Term Time Opening Hours
Mon-Fri 12pm til 6pm (Closed Thursdays)
Sat-Sun 10am til 6pm
School Holidays:
Mon-Sun 10am til 6pm

Tel: 01492 871666



Has your prince/princess been good at school today…….or has your oven just blown? We are here to help.

Regular entry @ Bonkerz is £6.95 on weekdays for an extra £1 you can have your tea too! Wednesdays & Fridays Special